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About Angela Scott - Founder and Principal Consultant of COHELIX 

Angela’s entire career has been characterised by taking up new challenges. Everything from starting new business areas to her own company to being a cog caught up in the wheels of a multinational. She has worked as a specialist and a generalist, been a researcher and then business developer, worked with corporate identity, investment promotion, organisational change, as well as marketing and sales. She understands your situation because it’s more than likely that she has been there!

Angela’s motto is “Getting the message right” in any form of communication and she uses her unique blend of scientific, marketing and investment expertise to quickly distill technical details into clear and communicable messages to grow biotechnology or life science business. Angela has a degree in Biochemistry and years of direct experimental experience at leading research institutes working in virology and cancer research career, developing some of today’s most widely used molecular technology.

Since leaving academia, Angela has gained a wealth of international experience working in a number of capacities in leading marketing and business development groups at a number of renowned companies including Promega UK, Dynal Biotech (now part of Life Technologies), QIAGEN, Roche (formerly Boehringer Mannheim). Angela specializes in strategic and tactical marketing, and has excelled by bridging her scientific background with a passion for marketing and communication. Her strengths include developing and implementing marketing plans and strategies, online media, product development, and project management.

Angela founded COHELIX in 2009, realizing the need for high-quality communication and marketing services for small and mid-sized biotechnology and life sciences companies under the motto of “Getting the message right”. Her wide-ranging cross cultural experience, contacts in life sciences, drug discovery, diagnostics, and scientific media allow her to bridge diverse specialties towards the goal of meeting clients’ needs to grow their business through customized marketing.

A qualified and trained TEFL teacher, Angela trains and coaches at all levels of fluency and seniority, using her scientific and business acumen to adapt and perfect the presentation of complex and compelling stories to challenging audiences.