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De novo writing of creative and technical texts, revision and editing, checking for spelling, grammar, style and coherence.

When you’ve just seconds to differentiate your company, organsiation or product in a crowded marketplace, you should not take chances with the impact of your copywriting. We specialise in text written by non-native English speakers. It is hard enough getting the balance and pitch between the technical and marketing content just right in your own langauge and takes years of training and experience. We will take your original texts and polish them to a really high standard - adding style, originality and flair to turn them into razor-sharp promotionial tools or precise and accurate technical documents designed to speak to your specific audience.

The tone of your copy speaks volumes about your business. It conveys your message in the style that you want to represent your business and products. Different customer groups need to be addressed in different ways - one size does not fit all. COHELIX will help you decide how best to present every aspect of your business


Language coaching and consultancy

Formulation and polishing of the content and style of texts and oral presentations. We train and help you to formulate your words to perfect and deliver the message according to different situations.  Different audiences and situations require different methods, style and tone and we can you  show you how to adapt and use the English language well.


Translation from German or Swedish of your original text with precision and appropriate style into English

As native English speakers, fluent in both German and Swedish, with years of combined experience in science and business, we are conversant with the specialist terminology used in high technology industries and provide  accurate translations services for lifes sciences, pharmaceutical industry, information and communications technology, cleantech, medical technology.